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Medical Massage

The massage work in a therapeutic massage may feel deeper than a relaxation massage. You also may experience more tenderness as the therapist works through the tissue. “For that reason, it's important to let your therapist know if the pressure feels too deep or uncomfortable

Upper/lower back pain,       Carpal tunnel-like symptoms,

Sciatica-like symptoms,      Calf cramps,

Plantar fasciitis,                   Tendonitis,

Knee pain,                           Jaw pain(TMJ disorders),

Hip pain,                               Headaches

                   And so much more ..

Neuromuscular Therapy , also known as Trigger Point Release Technique, is a method of massage that focuses on alleviating pain and stress through the manual release of trigger points (TrP). Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is great for getting at those persistent and reoccurring knots that we all suffer from.

Neuromuscular massage therapy can basically be equated to a form of medical massage therapy. It's a highly-specialized and extremely focused treatment method. NMT focuses on areas of muscle spasm to relieve chronic stiffness and pain.

Understand that Neuromuscular massage is not comfortable or relaxing. This specialized type of manual massage therapy involves applying pressure either digitally or with the fingers, knuckles, or elbow to release areas of strain in a muscle, also called trigger points.  Some people have described the experience as “good pain”.

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